“Our vision is to be the ‘preferred mining partner’ for all our stakeholders that include our clients, business associates, employees and the communities within which we operate. We strive to be India’s leading coal mining company, enabling economic prosperity and Envisioned in 2008, RR MINERAL’s journey for nearly 3 decades is marked as one of the best mining firms in Asian nation associated has been an inspiring  heroic tale of pioneering initiatives, best business practices and fixing of latest benchmarks for operational potency.Today, it’s emerged because the most reliable organisation that guarantees high standards of service in corporal punishment mission-critical and time sure comes.making a positive modification for a far better quality of life.”While a humble starting marked its arrival into the company world, it absolutely was within the landmark year of 2013 that that RR MINERAL stepped into the domain of mining and continued to evolve its offering from time to time.”


“We aim to be India’s leading company with a sensitive, responsive approach to every of our comes.We will produce superior price by guaranteeing potency and excellence while not compromising on Quality, Safety and Responsibility.”


Safety: We tend to decide safety and health as the simplest way of life.

Customer Focus: We offer customers with quality product and wonderful service

Leadership: We’ve got the spirit to steer, and do this through inspiration, innovation,collaboration and execution.

People: We provide associate degree comprehensive work surroundings that engages, acknowledges and enhances the abilities of staff.

Excellence: We are accountable for our own success. We operate cost-competitive mines by applying continuous improvement and technology-driven solutions.

Integrity: We tend to add associate degrees in an honest, clear and moral manner.

Sustainability: We tend to take responsibility for the surroundings, profit our communities and restore the land for generations that follow.