Magnesite Powder is a mineral that is widely used in the manufacturing of basic refractories.It is also used for specific types of cement and powders which are used in rubber, paper and pharmaceutical industries. We provide mineral Powder in safe packaging and cheap rates.Our pure and accurately composed mineral Powder is capable of withstanding extraordinarily high temperatures.


At times magnesite is dyed to make beads used as ornaments.Magnesite can also be used as a binder in flooring material. Furthermore it is being used as a catalyst and filler in the production of synthetic rubber and in the preparation of magnesium chemicals and fertilizers.
Similar to the production of lime, magnesite can be burned in the presence of charcoal to produce MgO, which in the form of a mineral is known as periclase. Large quantities of magnesite are burnt to make magnesium oxide: an important refractory material used as a lining in blast furnaces, kilns and incinerators.In fire assay, magnesite cupels can be used for cupellation as the magnesite cupel will resist the high temperatures involved.