Global Market

Global Market

RR Mineral has built a reputation for consistent quality, reliability and customer service.

RR Mineral services customers like Colgate, geographical region Levers, GE Plastics, ITC, H & R Johnson, Kajaria Tiles.

For the last many years RR mineral continues to be a daily winner of the distinguished CAPEXIL award for its exceptional export performance and is additionally a government of India.

RR Mineral manufactures over fifty five mineral grades/products beneath seven brands in half-dozen mineral classes, that area unit sold  as fillers & extenders – in over twelve industries together with Ceramics, care,Confectionery, Polymers, Paints, Paper,Friction, Metallurgy, Building Materials, fastening Electrodes and lots of a lot of applications.

RR Mineral services customers in over twenty five countries across North America, Europe, Oceania, S.E.