Environment safety

Environment safety

RR Mineral is 100% committed and dedicated towards the environment and its safety. Our company has a dedicated team of workers who are able to understand the need of people for the products and services we offer and along with this also follow the concept of social development.

We are celebrating two festivals at mines every year: Mines environment and Mineral conservation week and Mines safety week.It is proud to mention that we have been recognized by the local government for special work for the environment. We are thankful to our employees and dedicated team to make RR Minerals a big success. 

Our workers employ best practices for excavation of minerals.We always excavate minerals which are suitable for the green environment and are not causing any harm to the general public and nature.The purpose is to get a healthy and prosperous environment with the help of a better approach to work.


Reforestation of waste dumps

RR Mineral works committedelly towards leaving the eco-balance undisturbed and its mining operations promotes natural restoration of flora & fauna. When RR Mineral began work in the 2011’s there were less than 200 trees in the entire mining lease area. The overburden that covers our mines is moved to designated waste dump areas and is then covered with topsoil and re-vegetated with appropriate afforestation. The tree plantation award from the Department of Forests of Rajasthan Govt., is testimony to RR Mineral commitment towards the protection of forest environment.Today there are over a 10000 trees & flowering plants, many of which are rare species, because of our mining project and our implanting awareness to the local habitants huge forest has come up around our mining area. In fact, RR Mineral mines were one of the first few industrial mineral mines in India to achieve ISO 14001 certification. These green land restoration efforts during the working of the mines ensure that, when the mines eventually close the mined out area converts into forest areas or parks.


Dust emissions

Dust emissions are controlled using techniques like wetting the mine haul roads, covering stockpiles to prevent wind blow. Wherever possible noisy machines are encased in a noise absorbing enclosure.In the processing plants, dust is captured by high-efficiency filters.Continuous assessment and monitoring ensure dust levels are maintained below required levels. Noise levels are also regularly monitored.



At RR MINERAL continuous research takes place to identify ways to increase the use of renewable energy and find ways to reduce the consumption of non renewable energy.As our mining operations are located in the hilly terrain of country sides, we generate 100% power of our own.



Though the use of water is very little, but where ever in our mining and production process water is used, the water containing solids such as mineral particles is channeled into sedimentation ponds to remove suspended particles prior to discharge and this treated water is either recycled back into the production circuit wherever possible or used for plantation or is released back into the rivers after meeting all appropriate quality standards. We also implement and propagate rain water harvesting.


Mineral conservation

As RR Mineral realizes mineral reserves are finite, mineral conservation programs are held and techniques which ensure maximum mineral recovery is practiced . The rejects of the plant process are upgraded into saleable products, the mineral rejects at the mines are stocked piled separately and not mixed with the overburden and efforts are made to find technologies which can upgrade the quality.