Calcite may be a chemical or organic chemistry carbonate resembling the formula CaCO3 and is one amongst the foremost cosmopolitan minerals on the Earth’s surface.It is a standard constituent of, stone and additionally the first mineral in metamorphic marble.Calcite has widespread uses in several industries and so it’s one amongst the foremost necessary Industrial Mineral.

We offer each endemic and foreign spar to our customers.We import bulk amount of Lumps and Micronized Powder of spar from Vietnam.Calcite of Vietnam is maybe World’s best spar, in terms of Brightness and achromatic colour.We have a robust association with Mine house and issue owners in Vietnam, that ensures uninterrupted offers of top quality spars to the United States.

We also supply Calcite from India, from areas near Ambaji & Swaroopganj in Sirohi district of Rajasthan.We supply calcite in following forms:-

  • Lumps
  • Coated & Uncoated Powder ( 400 mesh to 1250 mesh)

Specification of Calcite (Vietnam) supplied by us is as under:-
Sio2 – 0.2 %
CaO – 55 %
MgO – 0.4 %
Fe2O3 – 0.07 %
Al2O3 – 0.11 %
LoI – 43.7 %
CaCo3 – 98.3 %
MgCO3 – 0.84 %
Whiteness – 96.8 %

Applications :

  • Calcite is used as filler in rubber and textile Industry
  • In Ceramics industry for the preparation of glazes
  • Considerable quantity is used in the manufacture of Paints and Distemper
  • Calcite is also used in the manufacture of Cement, Calcium Carbide, metal polish and also as a fluxing agent
  • Used in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Used in Cosmetics Industry